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Portable Backstops came into their own when large sports arenas became popular. This is because the arena roofs are so high that it is nearly impossible to attach Ceiling Suspended Backstops to them. Portables provided the answer. Portables fold down and are rolled from the basketball arena to a storage area in a few minutes. This clears them from the area so that other sports surfaces and equipment can be quickly set up for other activities.
Product Details
  • Up to 28 units can be shipped on a 53′ trailer subject to backstop configurations
  • 8 ft back to back. Units can be set up individually with the add-on 1000 lbs. weight cart or back to back for close court play
  • Its new look, enhanced performance, and setup configurations are designed for indoor tournament play
  • Easily sets up in under 45 minutes using minimal staff
  • Stackable weight carts provide additional space when transporting
  • Fork pockets allow for easy movement on and off trucks as well as setting the backstop into place
  • Backstop contains ALM technology to easily raise the unit with a drill & socket onto four quick leveling corner foot pads at play height
  • Quick attach mounting plate allows simple backboard installation
  • Telescoping boom easily adjusts to 6', 7', and 8′ extensions while maintaining the 10′ height
  • Easy attach padding wraps the entire base of the unit for safety and creates excellent sponsorship rental space
  • Powder-coated in Spalding® navy vein with navy blue pads – custom color options available
  • Compact design allows for transportation and storage to and from the court with the folding boom
  • Backboard braces and rim are conveniently stored in the base during transport

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