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Hoop It Up

Basketball Hoops Buying Guide

Hoop Location

The first step before you start balling is to know where you want to put your basketball hoop. From the backyard to the driveway or to the cul-de-sac at the end of the street, Spalding has you covered with our selection of easily adjustable, professional-grade, basketball hoops.


Portable basketball hoops let you take your game anywhere. The portable bases are equipped with two or four wheels for easy mobility and are filled with either water or sand.

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Inground basketball hoops are anchored in the ground with cement using a ground sleeve or j-bolts.

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Wall / Roof Mounted

Instead of crowding your driveway, choose from a variety of basketball backboard and rim combos that you can mount to your garage, roof, interior wall, or barn.

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Board Size & Material

You’re never too young to begin working on your jump shot. Spalding offers a variety of basketball hoops designed for all levels of play.

Board Material Board Size Level of Play Rebound Features
Glass 54" - 72" Elite Best Top of the line performance, Most Authentic, Good UV Protection
Acrylic 50" - 72" Competitive Better Clear, Better Performance, Best $ spend
Polycarbonate 42" - 54" Recreational Good Clear Board, Impact absorbent
Composite 32" - 44" Beginners Limited Durable material, Decorative board

Hoop Accessories

Heavy Duty Basketball Net

This replacement net has a heavy-duty construction that's strong enough for the outdoor game.

$9.99 - $11.99
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Basketball Court Marking Kit

This marking kit gives you the tools you need to draw a three point line, free throw line, and lane on your driveway.

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