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Basketball Setup Or Gameplay

Will Never Be The Same

Gone are the days of taking 3+ hours to set up your portable goal. Hoops are meant to spend hours playing on, not setting up. So take back your time with The Momentous® EZ Assembly™ basketball hoop. It is a high performance, portable hoop that can be assembled in under 30 minutes. A majority of portable hoops require 3-5 hours of installation time, but the Spalding® Momentous® EZ Assembly™ was designed to increase the accessibility of the sport through a 30-minute-or-less assembly process.

“The Spalding team quickly learned through analyzing reviews throughout the category and from focus groups of athletes, parents, and coaches, that the basketball hoop assembly process needed to be easier,” said Ben Simms, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Spalding®. “Our challenge was finding a solution to this long assembly process which required a mostly pre-assembled hoop, without increasing price or packaging size, or losing quality/stability, in an effort to produce a fast-to-assemble product. We are proud to have accomplished this with the Momentous® EZ Assembly™. It’s our strongest-built, easiest-to-assemble, portable in its class, and the packaging can fit into most vehicles and ship via ground transportation for e-commerce.”

Steps of Momentous EZ Assembly Basketball Hoop assembly process.
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